Pre-stressed Lintel Beds

MACFAB prestressed Lintel casting moulds are designed to produce lintels for use as structural horizontal supports that span an opening in a wall or between two vertical supports. They are typically placed above windows and doors, both of which represent weak areas in the structure of a building. Lintels are frequently utilized for load bearing and can be composite or non-composite in design.

  • Some benefits of prestressed lintels are:
  • Rapid all-weather erection reduces time on site. No need for formwork shuttering or pumping liquid concrete.
  • Clear spans in excess of 4m achievable
  • Prestressed lintels are much lighter than comparable span pre-cast lintels, this makes installation simpler and safer.
  • Depending on design, it may be self-supporting and not require propping.
  • Intrinsic fire resistance
  • Macfab prestressed wall panel casting moulds operate a wet-cast principal which provides the following advantages over competing methods.
  • Elements can be cast to length, reducing waste.
  • A variety of admixtures can be used such as self-compacting.
  • Surface can be brush finished to provide key for render.